Xero4PowerBI Guidance

Guidance for Xero4PowerBI is updated regularly to address issues using and installing the App

See the advice for the latest release over on the blog.

  1. Download the Xero4PowerBI App
  2. Create and OdataLink Account
  3. You will need your Xero login to Create OdataLink Feed for Xero4PowerBI - YouTube. Hint: Check your firewall access on the model:
    Check Your Firewall
    Check your firewall
  4. Connect your Xero Data
Connect to the feed
Connect to your data
Download the App
DownLoad the App
Create an OdataLink Account
Create an Odata feed

Connection Parameters

There are three parameters for data connection:

  • Odatalink feed for URL
  • Financial Year for P&L with Budget
  • Number of previous Months for P&L Monthly - 1 to 11

You can change these parameters in the settings for the dataset and schedule data refresh. Don't forget to give access to the App.

Update the App
Update the App