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Welcome to the Xero4PowerBI Blog. The blog will provide updated information for Xero4PowerBI and the related products such as OdataLink, PowerBI, Paginated Reports and Xero

Xero4PowerBI Update Version 28 - Logos and Cashflow

Xero4PowerBI Version 28 is now in AppSource. This release of Xero4PowerBI offers a variety of new features.

Update to Xero4PowerBI Version 24 - Budgets

Minor update to Budget functionality

Update to Xero4PowerBI App version 23

Xero4PowerBI Update Version 22

A new version of Xero4PowerBI is available in App source, this will be offered as an upgrade to existing App Installs.

Installing the Xero4PowerBI App

A guide to installing and configuring the Xero4PowerBI App

Update to Contacts Data Source